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December 10, 2012

Will You Take the PLEDGE?

TXAA Foundation, Inc. has launched the PLEDGE program, aimed at reducing the GA accident rate.

Board members of TXAA Foundation, Inc. have been working hard to develop a program to help reduce the number of accidents that continues to plague the general aviation community. Although the accident rate for scheduled commercial operations has fallen in the past decade, the rate for GA continues at what TXAA Foundation, Inc. considers unacceptable.

In an attempt to make GA pilots more aware of the problems, TXAA Foundation Inc. board members have developed THE PLEDGE. Staff researched various general aviation accident reports and found the six leading causes of GA accidents. It is an old story that continues to plague pilots. The causes of most accidents are the same ones that haunted GA for decades. They include:


TXAA Pledge for Life

• Running out of gas
• Ignoring weather forecasts
• Continuing to Fly VFR into IMC conditions
• Stalls – especially on takeoffs and landings
• Buzzing – impacting the ground while demonstrating your (lack of) flying skills
• Landing configuration – GUMPS – why land with the wheels up?

The PLEDGE asks pilots to:
• P Peek into each gas tank – verify it has enough fuel to get you there (& back)
• L Look at the weather – do not fly when inclement WX is forecast
• E Elude VFR into IMC – get your instrument rating and stay clear of clouds
• D Do Not Stall – Use the mantra “AIRSPEED & LINEUP – AIRSPEED & LINEUP”
• G Ground Hurts – Stop Buzzing! Nobody is impressed when you crash.
• E Exclaim GUMPS! Checklist your aircraft for takeoffs and landings

TXAA Foundation, Inc. will soon make these placards available to every pilot in Texas and the United States. They will come in a variety of sizes as either plastic gust loc tags, pitot tube covers, bumper stickers and decals for the panel. Stay tuned!!


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