How to Buy the Best Facebook Spying Apps — Tips & Tricks

Why would you need a Facebook (Meta) spying app? At first, you might find it odd that people research how to buy the best Facebook spying apps for various purposes. However, on a closer look, it is not a new concept — at least not with the dark realities of Facebook nowadays.

Take, for instance, the staggering predatory cases that go unnoticed on the platform. It is genuinely a concern to any parent, who would, in turn, seek any means necessary to protect their wards on Facebook.

The same holds for estranged couples, who may need a little sniffing around for concrete infidelity evidence. 

Below, we’ll show you some of the best free and paid Facebook spy apps and how you can make the right choice for your use case.

Facebook Spying Apps

The Difference Between Paid and Free Facebook Spying Apps

You’d need to know the differences between free and paid Facebook spy apps before you begin your search. Why? So that you can make a better purchase decision. 

Here’s a breakdown of their differences:

Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Free spy applications don’t require any commitment and would try to spy on a Facebook account for you without spending any cent. These options are often lightweight and web-based for simple searches and monitoring.

However, a typical free Facebook Messenger spy app often comes with trade-offs. Since they are free services, they use advertisements to run their operations. It means that free spy apps get to show you lots of ads, most of which are intrusive and distracting.

Even worse, some rogue software could introduce malware and viruses into your device to steal and sell your data for profit. 

Paid Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Paid Facebook Messenger spy apps require you to pay a one-time or a recurring fee for their services. They become obliged to deliver a more refined experience after a purchase or subscription. It means you won’t see intrusive ads or bloat as you use the software.

Also, paid spy apps tend to include more features and pay more attention to functions you wish to use. Additionally, they offer free trials to give you time to make up your mind on the purchase.

5 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

When you’re online looking to download a Facebook Messenger spy app, you need to go for an option that supports text and multimedia monitoring. It should also have a centralized tab for the conversations you’re tracking, alongside their timestamps.

Below is a list of the 5 best apps that have the features mentioned above and many more:

mSpy — Best Facebook Spy App

Starting on the list is mSpy, which is the best spy application you can find, by significant margins. It can neatly monitor Facebook Messenger accounts and handle other social media accounts as well.


Spyic is another formidable Facebook Messenger app you can install right away. With multi-platform support, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with your Android or iOS smartphone.


If you’re looking for a spy solution that doesn’t require root or jailbreak, Cocospy is the app you’d want. It lets you view Facebook messages sent to individuals, group chats, and their corresponding timestamps.


Hoverwatch can log keystrokes and messages sent over Facebook Messenger and collate the data in a neat dashboard layout. It’s also one of the few paid Facebook spy apps available on macOS.


XNSPY is the Facebook spy app to pick if you need a screen-recording feature. Another nifty feature you’d appreciate is the built-in keylogger feature, which records text inputs within the Facebook Messenger app.

Why Is mSpy the Best of the Best?

We’ve got good reasons to believe that mSpy is the best spy app you can download at the moment. mSpy has a significant edge over the competition, and below are some of its defining characteristics:

mSpy logo

mSpy Is Discreet

The app stays true to the discreteness we’ve all come to expect from a standard spy app. It doesn’t leave a lingering trace that might make the target suspicious. Unlike some other spy apps, mSpy doesn’t drain the target device’s battery or leave suspicious notifications.

mSpy Works Remotely

mSpy works remotely, which makes it difficult to detect. After installation, you can conveniently access your mSpy account from anywhere using any browser.

It’s Trustworthy

Trust is indeed a rare virtue — even more so in the spy app industry. Thus, it’s such a massive relief for the average consumer to know that mSpy is reputable. About 83% of their customers gave positive reviews after using the app. 

With a presence in more than 100 countries, it is well known for its contribution to the protection of children on the Internet, and that is the primary priority of UNICEF’s strategy.


Learning how to spy on a Facebook account can help you avert significant danger. You could finally catch a cheating spouse or stop your child from viewing illegal materials online. Spying could also be a last resort if all other conventional investigative methods don’t work.

However, you must pick the right Facebook spying software for your needs, as it would save you a lot of stress. The apps outlined above are some of the best spy applications currently on the market. They deliver excellent spy capabilities in packages that suit a broad range of use cases.

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