Qustodio Reviews

Qustodio Reviews: Can You Rely on This Software?

Qustodio is a parental control software that comes with the features every parent might want to see in the spy app. This software runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. However, Qustodio comes at a premium price, which may be tricky for some parents.

What Is the Qustodio App?

Qustodio App

Qustodio is a powerful parental control app that allows the monitoring of different kids at the same time. A standard subscription plan lets you control up to 5 devices, with customizable options for more tailored monitoring. Regardless of the type of device, Qustodio doesn’t come short.

Qustodio excels in recording the target phone’s activities, such as website visits and social media apps. The app also updates you regularly of your kids’ whereabouts, helping keep your mind at rest. It’s also a great time management tool, letting you limit your kids’ screen time.

How Does Qustodio Work?

Qustodio works on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Installing the app on the target devices gives you access to your kids’ activities. You can supervise their device usage right from your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use the web-based dashboard to keep an eye on them.

The app collects relevant information and sends it to your dashboard. With regular updates of information, you can easily monitor your kids in real-time. As a parent, you can set up the age of the children you want to monitor. Since Qustodio allows you to track up to five devices, you can connect all the devices in your home. 

What Features Does Qustodio Have?

Qustodio doesn’t come with a plethora of features you’ll find in other spy apps. However, its features provide an unbeatable detailed parental control experience. These features include:

  • Call and SMS Tracking

Qustodio supports call and SMS tracking on Android devices. The app records the phone calls, which you can listen to later. There’s a feature that captures the keystrokes on the device, helping you see the text messages they send.

You can block both incoming and outgoing calls on the phone. The fact that this feature is unavailable on the iPhone takes so much from its parental control capabilities.

  • Social Media Monitoring

Unlike the majority of tracking software, Qustodio only supports Facebook monitoring. Parents get to see the Facebook timeline — posts, photos, and comments — of their kids. However, they can’t view the Friend List or messages.

  • Web Filtering

Qustodio provides unique category-based filtering. With 29 different categories of the website visited by their kids, parents can easily sieve the information they want. You can either block access to these website categories or receive a notification if your kid accesses them.

Categories aside, the app shows you a detailed report of all the sites your children visits. The mark marks any site it considers questionable. You also get to see all the searches they make. 

  • Location Tracking

Qustodio has the GPS Location feature that tracks the whereabouts of your kids using their phone’s location.  The app updates the information in real-time to let you know their current location. However, the Geofencing feature that lets parents set virtual boundaries for their children is surprisingly absent.

  • Screen Time Management

If you want to control your kids’ time on their phones, Qustodio is a dependable tool. It lets you schedule how much time your kids use on the phone daily. You can set the screen usage for each day of the week. The daily scheduling feature allows you to determine what time of the day your kid can use their phone.

You can explore a lot of options to control the device usage outside the schedule. The Lock Navigation option prevents access to the Internet, allowing your child to use certain apps on the device. For complete blocking of access to the device apps, the Lock Device feature comes in handy.

  • Panic Button Alerts

Qustodio has a panic alert on Android smartphones. This feature helps your kids send emergency alerts to their trusted contacts when they run into trouble. With this feature enabled, your kids can spend their location information via SMS to their contacts with just a touch of a button. 

How Do I Install Qustodio?

The first step to installing Qustodio is setting up a parent account on the website. Then create a profile for the child you want to monitor. You’ll then have to choose the target device type to download the software.

For Mobile

  • Search for the Qustodio app on Google Play Store or App Store and install it.
  • Launch the app and select “I have a parent account.”
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Let the device Setup Page appear, and then select the child you want to monitor.
  • Install the Qustodio profile or Virtual Private Network.

You’re good to go!

For Desktop

  1. Download the software desktop.
  2. Follow the instructions to set up the software.
  3. Select the profile you want to track.

Nothing is stopping you now!


  • Qustodio is an easy-to-use tool.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Supports web filtering.
  • Panic Button Alerts.
  • Robust screen time management.


  • Lack of supports for other social media monitoring, apart from Facebook.
  • Several limitations on iOS devices.
  • Subscription plans are expensive.
  • No live chat support.


Qustodio stands out for its multi-device monitoring capabilities. You get to keep an eye on different kids at the same time. The system allows you to customize the tracking options for each target device. Undeniably, the app has its downsides but still makes for a great remote monitoring tool many parents may rely on.

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